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>> welcome to "newsline." people in japan began their day with an earthquake and news of a possible tsunami that struck off the coast of fukushima prefecture. the japan meteorological agency has issued a tsunami advisory for the coastal areas of fukushima, iwate and miyagi prefectures. the earthquake struck at 4:22 a.m. and shook a wide area of eastern japan. meteorological officials issued a tsunami advisory.
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they're warning other earthquakes could follow and urging to be cautious. agency officials are urging people to be cautious. height of up to 20 centimeters reached the prefectures. no reports of abnormalities of the fukushima plant. the officials in fukushima prefecture report three people fell during the earthquake. the government says it has no reports of abnormalities at the fukushimi daichi plants. the prefecture government opened evacuation centers. 550 people evacuated to safer places including higher ground.
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he had been in touch with world leaders, including the u.s. president, barack obama. he had no international pressure. he said no international pressure will prevent israel from acting with all of its power. he says israel will expand its air strikes in a few days. israeli targets have attacked more than 1,000 targets over the past four days. the israeli attacks have killed 96 people, including women and children.
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some have destroyed daily life. >> translator: there's almost no ordinary life in gaza. people go to prayers, but nobody goes to work. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trying to absolve the dispute over the election. he's urging the two candidates to cooperate kerry arrived in the group for a way forward. then kerry spoke with the other candidate. he said there had been
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widespread vote rigging and he threatened to set up a parallel government. the ewe united nations more than 40% of the total. the audit should be more expansive when he demanded the head of the investigative panel resign. most forces in afghanistan with scheduled to withdraw by the end of the year from the u.s. they are concerned the political crisis could lead to ethnic violence and force them to change their plans.
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u.s. state chief minister was criticized for failing to prevent a massacre of muslims. u.s. leaders continue to distance themselves from him. analysts say closer u.s. ties. >> japan's government spokesperson has suggested an opportunity for talks with china. chief government secretary addressed journalists in tokyo. he said the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in november will be a natural
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environment for leaders to meet. he said china and japan must help maintain peace and prosperity in the asia pacific region and the rest of the world. he added the leaders should talk especially when they have issues to address. >> translator: world leaders will gather for the apec summit. i think it would be natural for the japanese and chinese leaders to make use of such an opportunity, to hold talks. >> relations have soured since japan nationalized the senkaku islands in the east china sea in 2012. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. prime minister shinzo abe has not held direct talks with chinese leaders since he took office in december of that year. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson rejected a call.
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qin gang says he won't agree to hold talks unless tokyo works to resolve bilateral issues. handy made reference to japan's decision to nationalize the senkakus. >> translator: the action is aimed at forcing us to eat bitter fruits that hurts china's sovereignty and chinese people's feelings. we will never accept it. >> qin says officials of the two countries cannot discuss ways to improve ties unless japan corrects its attitude and takes action. an overloaded school mini bus crashed into a pond in china. the world health organization has shed light on a chemical thought to have killed japanese printing work irs. they've classified it as carcinogenic to humans. scientists from around the world study the chemical 1,2-dichloropropane. it was used in the japanese city of osaka. nhk learned in 2012 several workers had died of bile duct
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cancer. they launched an investigation. they found that 1,2-dichloropropane was to blame. this doctor of environmental health took part in the w.h.o. study. he said the kind of tragedy that happened in osaka must never be repeated. brazilian soccer star neymar has made an emotional return to the spotlight. he broke down in tears when he described the tackle that knocked him out of the world cup. neymar suffered a broken vertebrae last week when a colombian player kneed him in the back. he visited his teammates to encourage them after they got thrashed by germany. neymar said the brazilians have to get back on top. he told them to stop crying
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every day, and start smiling. then he got tearful when he described his injury. he said if he'd been hit two sent meters closer to the middle of his back he could have been in a wheelchair. still he said life goes on. he plans to watch his teammates this weekend in their first place playoff against the netherlands. here's your three-day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. this just in, japan has lifted tsunami advisory for

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